The Messed Up Counsellor

Counsellor Ian Wallace shares advice and support to help you navigate the complicated modern world.

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5 days ago

In this episode I explore how best to intimately connect and how to make love instead of having sex. What’s the difference? How can you make that intimate relationship strong and lasting.

Monday Jun 10, 2024

In this episode we take a journey into their world and discuss how they see it working for them. Who is creating the problems that they face? How can we help them to communicate, understand, and be heard?

Monday Jun 03, 2024

In this episode I discuss how to turn confusion and inability to choose into real change and progression.

Monday May 27, 2024

Why do we always fall back into unhelpful dynamics in families? Why do we spend so much time and energy trying to change other people? In this episode I explore how to help people accept things they can’t change, and how to find peace with it.

Monday May 20, 2024

There is a lot of talk about identity and gender these days. Many parents what to be supportive and sympathetic but find there is a lot of new information to navigate, and previous generations might have dealt with these issues in a less inclusive way.

Monday May 13, 2024

Why is it important and how do we do it? What does it look like in the modern age? Are your hobbies just passing time, or are they helping you relax and refuel your energy and resilience?

Episode 22: What is trauma?

Monday May 06, 2024

Monday May 06, 2024

What is trauma and how do you recognise it? How does it affect you? How does it affect your human interactions?

Monday Apr 29, 2024

People are getting busier. How do we make room to enhance our lives or relationships when we are busy just trying to survive?

Monday Apr 22, 2024

Sometimes people don’t even realise that they are in an abusive and controlling relationship. I explore what to look out for, and how you might detach yourself from an abusive relationship safely.

Monday Apr 15, 2024

In this podcast I talk about physical sex and intimacy, what the difference is, and how you might introduce both back into a relationship.


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